Welcome to the NoteBlockchain Foundation

The Note Foundation was created by Note's founder Ethan Shen to bring together a group of trusted individuals that will help grow the project. The Foundation will work ethically, honestly and with full transparency to the community.

Ethan, while not a member himself, selected initial members based on participation with the project and qualifications, however the Foundation is not a closed group, new members can be added when nominated and voted in by existing members with a 75% approval. Even though the group can add new members it will not be more than 8.

Members can also be removed from the group for misconduct, non participation, disruption, resignation or acting against the interests of the project.

Current Members are

  • Ronny Ezcason
  • David Inch
  • Brennan Morrisey
  • Seth Taylor
  • Ramesh Vishveshwar
  • Duncan Marshall

Each member will have a budget of five million Note per month given to the Foundation by Ethan from the premine to advance and grow the project as they see fit. Community suggestion to the Foundation are encouraged and will be considered for implementation at each monthly meeting. Each member's use of the five million Note will be fully transparent and will be published monthly for public scrutiny.

Each member is required to attend a monthly online meeting to discuss project developments, such as network security, network growth, marketing, spending, community suggestions and report progress in each area being worked on individually. The outcome of these meetings will also be published for transparency.

We hope you are as excited about Note's future as we are and continue to have your support.

Thank you,
The Note Foundation

The Board

Davie Inch
Seth Taylor
Ramesh Vishveshwar
Duncan Marshall